Proof of How US Media Lies.

Public Alert – (Unite Yourself Together): Hiway of Death in
Iraq – Proof of How US Media Lies.

Hiway of Death in
Iraq – Proof of How US Media Lies
Uploaded by GrassyKnollTrolls on Oct 16, 2010 This European news report translated into English is a perfect example of how our corrupt news media lies to us. After 30 days, Iraq had surrendured in the 1st Gulf War. Part of the agreement was they had to leave Kuwait over the next 2-3 weeks. Ten days later on the only highway that connects Kuwait and Iraq, miles and miles of cars were bombed into oblivion with radioactive DU warheads. These bombs carry the same lingering radioactivity as atomic bombs. In fact, even worse. Today, Hiroshima is rebuilt and a bustling city. Thanks to depleted uranium, Iraq will be a radioactive wasteland for 4 billion years. Cancer rates after this first war went up 1600 percent! Can you imagine what it will be after this last war that lasted years? The only reason we attacked Iraq, then and now, was because of Israeli and neocon lobbying. Iraq and Iran are the only nations standing in Israel’s way of taking over the whole Middle East. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been bought off and have US puppets installed. The only free country left is Iran and we can see how Israel has pushed for years to manipulate America to start a war there as well. Watch the BBC Panoramo documentary called “The War Party” to find out about how the neocons pushed for these wars behind the scenes. “The War Party”

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