US – EU Citizen ? Your Government Is Murdering You.

If you find the above statement unbelievable, is your own life or that of your children worth a couple of minutes of your consideration ?

There are perfectly understandable, easily explainable reasons for, why it is more difficult for you to feel empathy towards people in such far away places as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine.There are also understandable and easily explainable reasons for why you do not respond to the war crimes committed by your government when the victims are physically far away from you. ” I know they are criminal, but what can I do “. It would even be understandable if you were thinking, well, we need the resources, and why should I care. You are human, with all the frailties that follow along with the package, right ? I mean as long as “you and your children are safe” it´s all ok, right ?

And the criminals in your government won´t use the new European Anti Terror Laws, the Patriot Act, or the National Defense Authorization Act against you, and your children, right ? Your government would never lock you away without you having the right to view the evidence against you, a right to a lawyer, the right to face your accuser or the right to be judged by a jury of your peers, and it would most certainly never murder you in cold blood right ?

“Well, well, well, but I am not a terrorist” you may say, and you might even think that it is ok that your government murders people in cold blood because they are suspected to be a threat to national security. After all, you would rather be safe than sorry.


Then think again, and ask yourself if the people murdered in the London Bombings were a threat to national security, or if it could as well have been you or your children that were taking the Metro or Bus to be murdered in cold blood. Was it “ok” that you or your children were murdered, so that your neighbor would endorse the mass murder of those people far far away, and about whom you really don´t care.

So what would you do if you knew someone was out to murder you ? Good question ? You could eventually begin to watch the following documentary to inform yourself so you know who is the main threat against your, national, and international security.

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1 Response to US – EU Citizen ? Your Government Is Murdering You.

  1. It is a global conspiracy to kill us all. Not just the US.

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