International Eurasian Movement In Lebenon and Orthodoxy


Russian Ambassador in Lebanon Told the leader of Levant party in Lebanon “Orthodox Party ” Roderick Khouri L: “I Am fully convinced of the need to organize political orthodox party and of creation of the youth of this party , and we support the ideas  of your party, and we are interested in your style  and how you work”:

President of the Party       Roderick Khoury met Russian Ambassador in Lebanon Alexander Saspkin in  the presence of the Secretary of the party   Fadi al-Dairi, has discussed with him the vision of the party & the  need to rise the  political power   of Christians in Lebanon  and make more important role to orthodox Christians and don’t lead them to fights which made the Christians Suffer In The Past .

Therefore, the establishment of the youth of the political party   is necessary  to mobilize the   Orthodoxy “politically” all over the Orient.
The Ambassador expressed Russia Has strong  interest in maintaining the Christians of the East in general, and their interest in  “Orthodox Party” , and their full conviction of the need to organize politically Romans in one political party, and the nature of the party youth   promising the future for Christians.

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