please don’t accept 666 the number of the beast !



She came from Ukraine  have no money, she  used to work in bars in Islam countries (middle east) she looks to them as a slut , she is not Muslim not Arab .

well ,she is a slut  for them  they respect her body they don’t care many girls got killed seems no police  and as i told there are gangs i did not saw these gangs who kill Russians-ukranians i asked why especially Russians ? no answer got .

her name yana some guy liked her and offered money to her so they  can marry  and look now how she look MUZLIM! 


-please don’t accept 666 the number of the beast ! 

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3 Responses to please don’t accept 666 the number of the beast !

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  2. M. says:

    Hey, unfortunately nearly a century of soulless communism followed by the rule of a criminal oligarchy have contributed to ruining an untold numbers of East European women who became prostitutes or sluts. The sad thing is that not only the poor girls end up prostituted by Muslim or Jewish criminals, countless Slavic women who have money visit Muslim countries like Egypt and Turkey to have a vacation and sleep with Muslim men. I feel little sympathy for these girls who even after 23 years of the collapse of USSR and knowing what has happened to other women who traveled to these countries, they still do that in large numbers.

  3. Muslim guy says:

    Dear sir..
    We don’t look at russian or ukraine women as sluts, please don’t say this

    We respect women & she has rights as any guy in middle east, this has changed decades ago when women was below the man

    Moreover I don’t know feom where you got the story that A LOT have been killed & there’s is no police !!
    I guess it could happen in iraq only !

    Rest of muslim countries have HIGHER security than what is in ukraine itself nowadays

    Not only this but we don’t have Russian mafia & criminals here are just a joke as you know we live in hard undocratic countries rolled by police & military leaders

    Last, what’s bad about (She) converting to islam ? isn’t her decision & believe ?
    What we can take our decisions & believe now ?!

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