Russian Defense League = Fourth Political Theory




  • those who  do not agree with the principles of liberalism they found themselves in a difficult position and since liberalism is the master nowadays . Liberalism  came United states of america ! – Now there are No future for the  alternatives which opposing the liberalism  -. [Abbreviation of fourth political theory is a mixture of communism and fascism, which is based on contrarian liberalism to conservative use of liberalism and its evolution of any contrarian postmodern world and neoliberalism, the source of this theory Russia. Now Russia is in a difficult position if they had to engage in a liberal world ,will lose their cultural, ethnic identity, etc
  • What is in Russia now an integration of national Russian culture – the culture of czarist Russia – and Bolshevism – culture of the Soviet Union – two in one is a
  •   A matter of life or death for Russia, either to leave the world stage or stay in  process to be or not to be, if the universe is chosen, then the behavior in the fourth political  theory. What happened in the last century is a liberal capitalism individual “multi-layered economic”.the second one  liberal communism “mono-layer”, the third one fascism that depend on the kind.
  •  the first and second theory where alliance against the third theory and had victory against the third one .
  • after that the second theory had a cold war  with the first theory, the first theory won the war  at that moment liberalism dominated the  global enlightenment.The  Heritage Of liberalism is the only one remaining, able to absorb the whole world logically. in Brief ;liberalism calling for  individualism and freedom from all forms of identities of groups so what we are gonna give you a small explanation About the phenomenon of globalization, the common factor in this phenomenon,the money between the people of the world! The idea began in free market then individualism in the world of capitalism, which became mandatory as is released men and women of collective identities and human rights and the United Nations policy , often these policy in countries intended for mixing cultures and ethnic like  America, Canada and Australia. From here to consolidate these communities in one community called “world government.” What is viewed by many societies and governments called “fokuyama” – the end of history – . liberal capitalist market is the first step to globalization  then the melting of the world in a globalized world. From here liberalism is no longer now with political overtones, but an inevitable fate. fourth political theory  is to oppose and contradict postmodern world “is an idea material to another idea of ​​material.  globalization based on  the laws of money and business, human rights and the total abolition of the policy. fourth theory is a mixed  project in one so  What was ignored and marginalized by liberalism  (Fourth Reich / Atlantisim). fourth theory have a  chance to revive the  traditions of the world and their cultures even
  • . the traditions of Indians themselves in America!!!! .
  • This theory mostly  serving Russia and the world in general
  • The Officer of Russian defense league ( Roman Belyi)
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  1. Nikolai Gorgeous the economic market in the US is derived from what you might call “Liberalism” but is in fact a combination of Socialism and Capitalism. It’s not a “Free Market” System as originally intended by our founders. So in many aspects you’re correct.

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