Rodrigue Khoury Leader Of Levant Party IS Arab Middle Eastern

well there are a new party in lebanon its orthodox party they call them selves as white and greek since they belong to greek orthodox church well its religion not a blood and race lol Christianity anyone can be a christian LMFAO .
they are fucked they are middle eastern not european like us as me nikolai russian i don’t understand when they call their selves as greek while no body accepts them as greek if you are greek then prove this show me your nationality or at least you fathers passport or mothers honestly they are dirty sand niggers sorry but its true .
message to rodrigue khoury i won’t kill you or something but its time to make you more democratic on google lets people discover your lies you goat fucker don’t come to russia and ask for help coz we help you as orthodox that’s all and lebanese arab and smelly one not as greek .

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