Roman Belyi, The Officer of Russian Defense League Explaining What Is Happening In RDL.

Russian defense league had signed a contract with a group called “Sclaveni Orden ”
The first quarter of our program is below:

“Here at Sclaveni Orden, we have dedicated ourselves over the past several months to discover truly what the best solutions would be for the future of our nation, Serbia. After much research, we are proud to bring forward to you our complete ideology program.
We hope this will give you much more insight into us as a group and what we believe in.

We cannot deny that Serbia experiences crime on a daily basis, in one form or another, but something must be done if every Serb wishes to be assured a safe and crime-free life.
We advocate harsher punishments for crimes and each crime is subject to a different punishment, depending on the crime and the prolific degree of such nature.
Examples include:

– Crimes related to theft should result in the criminal either returning the item(s) in question OR must serve an indefinite jail sentence and be made to work for money during a specific job given within the prison (cleaning, etc.). 100% of the money made by the thief during his jail term will be given to the victim of the crime in order to pay for their losses. After repaying the full amount of money to the victim, the thief will be released with a proper criminal record. This is just for first-time offenders. Repeat offenders will be given the same punishment alongside a set jail term. Depending on the severity of the theft, this could range from anywhere between a few months (stealing from a shop) to several years (stealing from those in power, the military, trafficking of illegal items, etc.).
– Crimes related to violence will also carry a variety of different punishments, again, depending on the type of violence committed.
Murder, for example, should result in an instant life sentence in prison. As stated above, the murderer will work in prison for the rest of his life sentence. 100% of money he/she earns will be given to the victim or their families in order to help rebuild their lives from their tragic loss.
Note that murder carries the same consequences as treason. Spilling Serb blood must be classed as treason against the Serb nation.
– Prostitution will be made illegal 100% (this includes street prostitution, pimping, brothels, etc.). Prostitutes who are willingly selling their own bodies for money will serve a lengthy jail sentence. Prostitutes who are being forced to sell themselves against their own will, and who are at the mercy of their pimps, etc., will be freed from their captivity, sent for counselling and shall earn 100% of funds earned by their pimps (who will be jailed between 25-50 years) shall be given to the victims in order to help rebuild their lives.
The sex industry as a whole in Serbia shall be shut down completely. We will NOT allow any woman of Serbia to be reduced to an object of sexual desire for the needs of others.
– Organized crime within Serbia must be eliminated at all costs! There are many Serbs out there who are leading lives that are influenced directly by their connections within the criminal underworld, and we firmly believe that this must end, and that NOBODY in Serbia must be exposed to any form of crime whatsoever.
Mafia members and people involved heavily within organized crime in Serbia will be made to serve very long jail sentences to ensure that Serbia will be a nation where crime is at its absolute minimum. Even better if it were to be eradicated completely.
We are Serbs, not criminals. We value honour, not crime.

We strongly advocate compulsory military service! We believe that once a Serb male reaches 16, he is to be sent to either the Serbian Army, Navy or Air Force (he is free to choose which of the three he wishes to be a part of). The Serb boy shall serve a compulsory four years (until he reaches 20 years old) in the Serbian military. From there, he may choose whether to serve longer in the military or leave and move on to a different career/education path.
We also believe that the Serbian military must establish a permanent military base in Kosovo and Metohija, in order to repel and keep all Albanian, European Union and NATO troops away from Serbian soil.
This is Serbian land and only Serb soldiers shall be permitted to establish bases here. Alongside the Serbs, Russians, Greeks (provided that they too leave the European Union and NATO) and possibly even Chinese forces shall be permitted to aid the Serbs in strengthening the Serbian military forces.
We advocate the use of soldiers to carry out public justice as well. All civilian police shall become military police, but they shall still be used to ensure law and order is at a maximum in Serbian society.
Safety and peace within our people’s society is one of our highest priorities.

There is only one thing running the entire World at the moment, and we are angered by it. Money. A nation should be run and powered by the people and the monarchy and NOT by a government that is only interested in the amount of money they have in their pockets.
Despite it seemingly to be an extreme measure, we believe that the best solution for Serbia is to exit ALL foreign and international organizations. We believe that foreign and international organizations only weaken and restrict Serbia, and gives our enemies a clear path towards dominating us through the economy. This is why we believe that Serbia should follow its OWN set of rules, and not rules set by a foreign nation that wishes to take over our lands by using nothing but the evil power of greed, no matter how good their intentions may seem.
Notice how the more organizations Serbia joins, the more weaker we are as a nation.
It is the fault of our pro-Western leaders who seek to be dominated in order to make themselves richer.
We also seek to give Serbia its own form of economy. An economy where we shall seek to end the illusion of debt and ensure that we become a prosperous nation once again. Say NO to the evil Euro and YES to the Serbian Dinar!

As strong monarchists, we firmly believe that the best solution for the governing power within Serbia must be in the form of an Absolute Monarchy.
As our ancestors knew before us, a king in power over all of Serbia must be established in order to truly create peace and order within our beloved nation. Our current government is soaked in corruption, rife with criminal activity and is being ruled by only Western puppets and enemy collaborators.
Only through monarchy can we truly bring back the glory that Serbia once had in the days of our ancestors.

Serbia is an Orthodox nation, and as an Orthodox nation, we must protect our faith from those who would seek to destroy us and erase our history from our people’s memories.
While we strongly advocate Orthodoxy being the prime religion in Serbia, we are not against any Serb who is not of Orthodox faith. Even if you are a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Pagan or even atheist, we have nothing against any Serb of any faith, as long as it is made clear that Orthodoxy is the main religion in Serbia and any form of foreign religious extremism that attempts to convert Serbia into something else is a severe crime of the highest level.”


 офицер лиги защиты россий объясняет что происходит в лиги.

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