Truth about Jolie!

We dont give any significance Angelina’s story about Serbs, because She is not competent to talk about something that she didn’t expirienced. When She talks about movies, clothes, modeling, motherhood, She will deserve our atention, because She’ is active in movie industry, She was model, and now is mother. Same thing is for all who are dealing with agriculture, or live on Alasca and its hobby is gathering a napkin.
An explanation why is Jolie behavior like this is very simple. Maybe you havent read, but there is some Muslim women, Selma, maried for some tycoon from Los Angeles, who loves to be present on charity dinners, where Selma gathers money for this and that, and by the way, on this charity dinners she crying out loud to celebrities about Her poor expiriences in war in Sarajevo and Bosnia. And once, She stumbled on emotional Angelina Jolie and amazed Her with this fake story. After that Angelina promised to Selma that She will make media campaign, that a whole wide world will know a story of this “pobrecita” women. And than Angelina and Selma were joint.
In the same time, instead of gathering points for Us, our girls Branka Katic, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic are buying shoes and clothes in US. They dont mention Kosovo i Metohia. They spending their time and money on nonsenses.
In the same time, many Gone Draguse (miss of fake republic of Kosovo, who used Her second place in “Miss Universe” for a dirty campaign against the Serbs, and She craying out loud about Her “poor Shqiptar people”. Many Selma’s and and Bonoi’s are promoting their problems and They managing to find some por suckers like Jolie who thinks  “everything that fly, can be eated” and sincerely promotes lies heard from already her best friend… THINK ABOUT THAT (source: Voice of Kosovo i Metohija)

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2 Responses to Truth about Jolie!

  1. Juana says:

    Excellent diagnosis! I’m fed up with them crying out about their “suffering”, meanwhile their compatriots are kidnapping, killing, mistreating Serbs and selling their organs. Time to say: Enough! Shut up, liars!

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