Our Swedish Ambassador About Vladimir Putin

Here is my dramatically enhanced oppt participation. Take it for what it is. This is just facebook. But please bear in mind that I do not lie. I Patrique Ståhl Dordevic hereby openly declare my allegiance to my King, the only politician I know of who works independently of party politics, Mr Putin Vladimir I serve Vladimir Putin and no other King but him. I do not follow orders by obeying them blindly. Mr Putin does not work like that. He does not order his Knights around. He works by setting example of how peace work (my line of work) should be applied. This declaration of allegiance has nothing to do with nation states nor race. It has to do with peace work. I am a Swedish citizen. See below. This declaration should be considered as my Oppt-In I oppt-in as a Scanean Knight from the nation of Scandinavia. And claim my rights through my citizenship of the Swedish state. I am of half Serbian blood. I am a Monarchist. I claim the right to choose my own King through service of the will of the people, which seems to be the communists in Sweden (although most people in Sweden except for a few are communists without them knowing it because they don’t know the meaning of the word. Everyone knows that Sweden is a communist country but the Swedes don’t know that themselves it would seem.) I oppted-out ( Oppt-Out ) so to speak, three years ago when I lost everything and have been homeless ever since. This system is crashing. The world bank can go fuck themselves. They took all I had. What they didn’t know was that it in turn they gave me (us) the right to take ALL they have. And now I claim that right in the name of all the people in the world. We want what is ours. It is not their 1 money, 2 body or 3 knowledge. It is our money, our bodies and our knowledge. Peaceful Revolution is now. Globally. Not in front of the computer. Please sign up with you local revolutionary group no matter what you believe in. If you are in Sweden you should work with the communists. Not the fake left. In order to serve Mr Putin I have to be able to work independently, be self-going. Especially since I live inside a Nato country. Mr Putin always want to cooperate with people in the West. Don’t forget that. War is a last resort. The problem with prior revolutions was that they waited too long. Many people died. We must do our best to minimize: Casualties – violence for defence only, it is also our responsibility to defend innocent people in a direct situation. 1 It is our bodies. Profit – we focus on filling needs instead of making money, though we realize that we need some kind of profit. We minimize it. 2 It is our money. Ignorance – wet don’t lie and always tell the truth, but we don’t tell people truths they need to figure out themselves. 3 It is our knowledge. Mr Putin and I share the same view. Minimize the casualties. Minimize the profit. Kill profit maximization and ignorance. Slow revolution. Peaceful revolution. Time is now. No one is going to tell you how to do it. You and you friends need to connect and meet and create culture, parties and PEACEFUL protests and figure the rest out yourself. Remember to say yes to each other. No ideas are bad, but those who violatesc the right to free will, our right to development and our right to unity. The revolution has begun. We are the sheep. And we are awake. All Good Things – Only













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