Voice of Kosovo i Metohia

Since I’ve heard we have readers among internationals, my words of despair shall be given in English…Each day on this page we share news, worries, challenges and hopes with the world, still, there is a paramount missunderstanding of the South, and when I say South, I mean all people sho had stayed here after Kumanovo 1999. agreement. Is there any difference between 1244 Resolution and so-called independence of Kosovo? We, Serbs south from Ibar see no difference, since UNMIK was there to prepare the ground for false ,,state’’. So we reap what we planted. Since ’99 life here, around Pristina, Gnjilane, Prizren and Pec had lost the real meaning of that word. This is an imitation of life. 12 years of inner and silent fight, more than a decade of wasting talents, wisdom and words being surrounded with greed, cupidity and falsegood…However, only two years ago, life still had a hope, there was something in the air, and that was a prayer. Prayer of the righteous. Then the righteous was banished by the New Age monasticism and centuries long phylosophy that everything is allowed, in every case you shall be forgiven. Many pages I could write on this one, I coul cry and depict, fly and elicit each detail, but modern reader has no time for long passages. So, here we are, last Mohicans, Serbs and other non-Albanians South from Ibar river. We don’t want to beg for compassion, nor we want to impress anyone with everyday sufferings. No, our only message is that we are alive and you must count on us, dear North and Central Serbia.Image
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