Islamic Terrorism , Islamic Power And Black Power .

Nazima Zabikhova

AL-mothana Basheer Arabeyat

They Came From South Africa Pro-Black Power In Russia And United States Of America , They Are Sponsored By Barak Omar Obama ,They Fake Reasons To Kidnap People In Russia And USA .

Her Name Nazima And Her Brothers Name Emmanuel , Nazima Married An Iraqi Guy Called Nabil Sponsored By Al Qaeda They Making Problems In Europe , USA Also They Kidnap Russian Citizens In Moscow .

We Must Unite And Stand Against Islam At Least Stop Immigration , The Islamic Immigration Every Where .

They Faking Lies , Islamic Bullshit Stories About How Their Islam Is Great , They Need To Watch Their Acts With All People Or Back From Where They Came .

Now We Can See African Muslims In Europe And Russia Building Mosques In Same Europe And Russia !!

Russia Can See How People Like Nazima Do Bad Things Also Her Brother Who Lives In Middle East Killing Syrian People In Syria In Name Of Islam .

They Used To Kill People In Libya During The Revolution Against Muammar Al Kaddafi , They Are Bad People Do Bad Deeds To All People In The World !!

They Are Called By Intelligence Agencies Zombies .

Add They Are Pro Black Power In Those Countries And

They Stand Against Cross .

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