Live , Islamic Terrorism In Russia Threatens to kill Journalists

By Rami Amer Dabbas – Founder Of Russian Defense League –

in Russia , Russian journalist had been threatened by Muslim converts who are now supporter of radical Islamic organizations like Isis , the journalist had been threatened for freedom of speech . denis korkodinov is a journalist and political analysis had been only threatened for freedom of speech because he has a different point of view . , radical Muslims threatening to kill him because of his professional journalism .
denis well knows as author against terrorism and international relations like ukraine , Isis ; Turkey , Sunni – Shia Islamic Conflict in persian golf .
In his articles, he strongly opposes any attempts to drag Russia into a global war, as well as any manifestations of violent capture of power in the state. That this was the reason that many groups of citizens began to pursue him for ideological and political reasons,
threatened with violence and even death. Almost every day on his cell phone reports of impending violence “keep your throat lubricated,” “kill you.” Such is the price of his objective opinion freelance journalist. Now out of fear for his own life and that of his family, he appeals to the international community for help. The Russian press is oppressed in his face. Journalists are threatened


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